2021 Events Programme

Why pay £10 or more to watch a single “virtual” speaker when you can spend £10 with Nuneaton & North Warwickshire Family History Society and get a presentation every month with some renowned speakers? What a bargain!
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and join. You will also receive digital versions of the Society’s journals and newsletters so you won’t miss out on other opportunities! The Tuesday meetings are on Zoom, opening at 7.15pm with presentation at 7.30pm. All members are sent the Zoom link in advance by email. E-membership runs to 1st September so you can still get plenty for your tenner.
For updates see https://www.facebook.com/nnwfhs/

13th April: Tracing a House History. Presented by well-known historical researcher and presenter, Gill Blanchard. Whether it is where you now live, or somewhere occupied by your family, Gill will set you on a successful course for your research. Plan your own “House Through Time” story.

11th May: Overcoming Brick Walls in Family History Research. Drawing on his experiences as a professional genealogist, Chris Broom suggests some creative techniques for getting around the stumbling blocks we all encounter from time to time…some of them of our own making…! Can he bring down your brick wall?

8th June: Using DNA for Family History. DNA detective, genealogist, author and popular speaker, Michelle Leonard, will help everyone come to grips with using DNA in family history research both to solve puzzles and confirm the paper trail, using real life examples.

13th July: Kill or Cure – Medicine and Illness in the Nineteenth Century. What were you most likely to die of, or did you, in spite of some of the ‘remedies’, live to tell the tale? Lady Teviot, an internationally popular speaker, will also explore the records available for family historians.

10th August: Brickmakers and Brickmaking. This talk by David Cufley, President of NWKFHS and seasoned researcher, will both explain and discuss brickmaking, mainly in the 19th century. The talk investigates how the workforce acted as teams, their wages and social conditions.

14th September: Frost, Freezes and Fairs. Ian Currie, weather man and editor of Weather Eye magazine, will take us through a thousand years of famous winters when rivers, including the mighty Thames, froze plus the remarkable events that took place on the ice.