2022 Website Development

As we move in to another new year, it is a matter of some regret that we have made little progress with our new website content – we truly apologise for this, to members and visitors alike.  The troubles began in 2020 with the old website hosting provider; then while setting up our new site, we lost the ability to see our old website! But luckily we had downloaded all the information.  The process of checking content, repairing links, deleting out-of-date information and adding new information is taking much longer than we anticipated. And it needs to be accurate! Our webmaster has a full time job so any NNWFHS website work has to be done in her spare time (as well as bringing up a family). Needless to say, Covid restrictions on life in general have not helped. 

So we beg you, please, be patient with us a little longer as we navigate our way through this transition between sites. If you have any issues on our website, whether you are a member or not, please email our webmaster, nnwfhsweb@outlook.com so that she can help resolve your issues. Thank you.