Latest Update May 2021

At our meeting in June, Michelle LEONARD explained why DNA really works in family history. Her talk covered all DNA tests but concentrated on autosomal DNA, known as atDNA, which is the most commonly taken test. There was a talk handout for members and friends present too. Thank you, Michelle; it was a wonderful informative talk which was much appreciated by all.

On Tuesday 13th July the talk is entitled Kill or Cure – Medicines and Illnesses in the Nineteenth Century. What were your forebears most likely to die of, or, in spite of some strange remedies, did they live to tell the tale? Lady TEVIOT, whom many will recognise from Heir Hunters, will explore the numerous records available to family historians. It sounds a most interesting talk. Why not join us and learn more about it. Non-members can book to join this talk. Details on how to do so are pinned at the top of our Facebook page