Latest Update July 2021

At our meeting in July, Lady Teviot gave a most informative talk on Medicines and Illnesses of the Nineteenth Century. We now understand much more about those strange causes of death we see on death certificates, but also the treatments involved. Lady Teviot also outlined the lives of some of the pioneering doctors of the period. It was a most informative and interesting presentation, appreciated by all.

On Tuesday 10th August the talk will be David Cuffley‘s presentation of Brickmakers and Brickmaking mainly in the nineteenth century. His talk will explain and discuss brickmaking and investigate how the workforce worked as teams, their wages and social conditions at the time. Many men in north Warwickshire worked in the brickyards across the area. Why not join us and learn more about it. Members will receive a Zoom link for the evening and non-members can join via Eventbrite; details will be pinned on how to do so at the top of our Facebook page