Latest Update September 2021

FROST, FREEZES AND FAIRS – an evening with weatherman, Ian Currie on 14 September.  What a wonderful presentation this was!  Ian drew on records as far back as the 1500s to delight his audience with details of weather that affected our ancestors and particularly what they did on the great frozen rivers.  It was a presentation relevant to everyone’s family history and most enjoyable.

Next time, on 12 October we have Getting Started with Your Family History Research.  Chris Broom, genealogist and tutor, will guide us through getting started and also on maintaining good habits when researching and recording our family history. There is always something new to learn!  Brush up on your skills!

Why not join us and learn more about it. Members will receive a Zoom link for the evening and non-members can join via Eventbrite; details on how to do so will be pinned at the top of our Facebook page.