Municipal Cemeteries List

Municipal Cemeteries and Crematoria in and around North Warwickshire

If you cannot find a burial in the records of local churches, please bear in mind the opening of local municipal/public cemeteries. The date listed below in the table is the first year of operation.

There are also public cemeteries in nearby Rugby, (from 1861 –  see Rugby FHG publications) and Coventry (from 1847 –  see Coventry FHS publications).

# Transcribed registers published by NNWFHS 2011
* Scanned images of registers published by NNWFHS 2005


NameDate OpenedCurrent Operating Organisation
Atherstone Sheepy Road #1870Atherstone Town Council
Bedworth Coventry Road *1874Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council
Glascote1874Tamworth Borough Council
Oaston Road *1875Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council
Wilnecote Old1875Tamworth Borough Council
Wigginton1876Tamworth Borough Council
Sutton Coldfield1881Birmingham City Council
Hartshill1883Hartshill Parish Council
Attleborough *1893Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council
Coleshill1893Coleshill Town Council
Bucks Hill *1913Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council
Amington1914Tamworth Borough Council
Wilnecote New1935Tamworth Borough Council
Marston Lane1952Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council


The Cremation Society of England was founded in 1874 with the first crematorium opening in Surrey just four years later, although it was 26 March 1886 before the first cremation took place.

In Britain, it was 1885 before it was legal to cremate a body, but it was not until 1902 that an Act of Parliament enabled the building of crematoria by cemetery operators.

In the twentieth century particularly, if you cannot find the burial of family members and have checked both church burial registers for the appropriate area, the relevant municipal cemetery burial registers and the local newspapers for any family announcements, then you must consider cremation.

In order of opening: Selly Oak – Lodge Hill [1930s]; Canley, Coventry [1943]; Yardley [1952]; Solihull [1958]; Sutton Coldfield [1964]; Nuneaton [1995]