NNWFHS Committee Members 2023-2024

Chairman – Shirley Beaumont                                                    chairman@nanwfhs.org.uk   

Vice-chairman – John Kirkham                                                   vicechairman@nanwfhs.org.uk                 

Treasurer – David Parker                                               treasurer@nanwfhs.org.uk                    

Secretary – Jacqui Simkins                                                           secretary@nanwfhs.org.uk                 

Membership – John Kirkham                                                      membership@nanwfhs.org.uk                 

Surname interests – John Kirkham, Shirley Beaumont and Chris Thomas                                              

Journal editor – John Parton                                                       journal@nanwfhs.org.uk                            

Journal mailing (paper) plus mailing of shop orders – Val Pickard

Journal and Newsletter mailing (electronic) – John Kirkham   

Newsletter – Jacqui Simkins and Val Pickard         

GDPR – Lisa Crankshaw

Programme team – Shirley Beaumont and Val Pickard                     

Events run by others (live or virtual) – Jacqui Simkins to lead

Helpdesks (live / Zoom) – Val Pickard                                     

Webmaster – Lisa Crankshaw                                                     webmaster@nanwfhs.org.uk                 

Social media – Lisa Crankshaw to lead with Jacqui Simkins etc

Projects/publications – John Parton, Jacqui Simkins

Zoom hosting – Lisa Crankshaw, Shirley Beaumont and Jacqui Simkins

Meet-and-greet at live meetings – Gaynor Matt               committee1@nanwfhs.org.uk                 

Reports of meetings for Journal – Shirley Beaumont and others

DNA Group leader – Jacqui Simkins and various society members                                

Involvement of younger people – Shirley Beaumont and Lisa Crankshaw

Committee – Chris Thomas committee4@nanwfhs.org.uk