NNWFHS Committee Members 2021-2022

Chairman – Val Pickard who noted this would be her last year in the office. chairman@nanwfhs.org.uk

Vice-chairman – John Kirkham  vicechairman@nanwfhs.org.uk

Treasurer – David Parker  treasurer@nanwfhs.org.uk

Secretary – Jacqui Simkins agreed to continue as no offers were made secretary@nanwfhs.org.uk

Membership – David Parker & John Kirkham; Shirley Beaumont to assist with “surnames”  membership@nanwfhs.org.uk

GDPR officer – Lisa Crankshaw webmaster@nanwfhs.org.uk

Journal editor – John Parton, Alan Butler to assist   journal@nanwfhs.org.uk

Journal mailing paper & electronic – Val Pickard. Alan Butler to assist

Newsletter editor Jacqui Simkins with input from committee

Programme – Val Pickard and Margaret Ball  programme@nanwfhs.org.uk

Outside events co-ordinator – Jacqui Simkins   events@nanwfhs.org.uk

Online events co-ordinator – Margaret Ball

Projects/publications – John Parton and Jacqui Simkins. Chris Thomas to assist

Publications sales – Val Pickard with assistance when needed from Alan Butler

Helpdesks co-ordinator – Val Pickard and John Kirkham (if these start up again)

Cuppa & chat organiser/host – Margaret Ball   

Webmaster – Lisa Crankshaw webmaster@nanwfhs.org.uk

Facebook – Lisa Crankshaw with assistance from Jacqui Simkins

Zoom hosting – Lisa Crankshaw and others as necessary

Meet & greet at live meetings – Gaynor Matt  committee1@nanwfhs.org.uk

DNA group host – Celia Parker (ex-committee)  dna@nanwfhs.org.uk

The Next Generation – Lisa Crankshaw, Margaret Ball & Shirley Beaumont

Reporters of talks – David Spencer (ex-committee) and Shirley Beaumont

Other committee Members