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Below we have listed past publications. Our online shop is now accessed via Parish Chest. The link to this is on the front page of our site. All our LATEST publications can be purchased there, in addition to the following.


July 2015 

Non-Conformist Denominations - applications to license places of worship

There are several boxes of files at the Lichfield Record Office containing applications made to the diocese for licences to enable non-conformist denominations to worship in places other than a Church of England building. 

A CD will be published shortly which comprises licence applications from Staffordshire [770+], Derbyshire [530+], Warwickshire [350+] and Shropshire [150+]. The CD will contain two files; an alphabetical index of Surname / Christian name with reference numbers and a complete, referenced file, providing a transcription of ALL the data contained within the application.  The reference number will allow you to locate the document should you wish to visit Lichfield Record Office, or obtain a photocopy.

June 2015  - Searchable database in Members Pages

Non-Conformist Chapel Licences - full of Warwickshire Surnames.

A resource that family historians with any hint of non-conformity in their family tree should thoroughly explore!

In the past, those wishing to designate a room or building for use for worship by any denomination other than the Church of England were required to obtain a licence from the diocese or from quarter sessions.

A recent project at Lichfield Record Office was to index their holding of licences issued by the diocese. The period is generally 1790s-1850s, and the documents cover Staffordshire, Derbyshire, half of Shropshire and much of Warwickshire. It is obvious that far from all groups applied to the hierarchy of the Church of England !

There were over 1800 licence records remaining of which some 350+ were for Warwickshire. The idiosyncratic filing system means that documents for some places are spread over several files! The amazing number of signatures on some makes them a “must see” for family historians: Wolston has more signatures than any other in the entire collection!

On the list are all those named, indexed alphabetically by surname, which occur in the Warwickshire items.

If you want a prior look-up to check the full index entry, then please email Jacqui giving the document number.

There is no charge for this for NNWFHS members.

April 2015

Series 1 of the baptismal transcriptions 1813-1861 includes:

1 : 1  Bedworth
1 : 2  Ansty, Bulkington, Burton Hastings, Churchover, Monks Kirby, Shilton, Willey, Withybrook & Wolvey
1 : 3  Atherstone, Caldecote & Mancetter
1 : 4  Ansley, Arley, Astley, Attleborough, Chilvers Coton & Stockingford

Each CD contains well in excess of 7000 entries and each is £12 for non-members and £10 for members.


The Marriage Licence Bonds 1733-1754 CD contains details of surviving Bonds issued for marriages in Warwickshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire and parts of Shropshire, held in the archives of Lichfield Record Office.  The CD will costs £15 for non-members and £12 for members.


Extracts for Astley & Chilvers Coton 1684 - 1840s A further CD (£6 for non-members and £4.80 for members) is being launched which contains details taken from the extensive collection of Arbury Estate Papers and Parish Chest material deposited at the Warwickshire Record Office, appertaining to these two villages

  1. 1684 listing of inhabitants of Chilvers Coton
  2. 1781 listing of inhabitants of Chilvers Coton - Census
  3. 1782 listing of inhabitants of Astley - Census
  4. 1841-42 listing of Soup given to Arbury poor at Christmas
  5. 1830s names of persons applying to Arbury for Charity
  6. 1803 list of poor families of Chilvers Coton
  7. 1777 Parliamentary report on Poor House at Chilvers Coton
  8. Poor Law – apprenticeship, indentures, bastardy orders, removal orders, settlement examinations & certificates for Chilvers Coton

October 2014 - Now available!

NNWFHS Marriage CDs (Marriages in North Warwickshire 1837 - 1881)

Marriage CDs, Series 2, is a set of 5 CDs of data compiled from extant Church of England  Banns and Marriage registers from north Warwickshire.  This set follows on from Series 1 (1754 - 1837) which was launched earlier this year, and is still available in our online Shop. Wherever possible, we have included details of marriages which have taken place outwith the NNWFHS area, when either bride or groom have married in their 'home' parish. 

The CDs are now available in our online Shop. The parishes covered by each CD  are listed below;  please note, the NNWFHS area is presented in groups of adjacent parishes, each being covered by one CD, where the bride or groom was resident in a different parish, the entry will appear on both CDs as appropriate - see the searchable Index

marriages series2 disc1  CD 2 : 1 - Austrey; Baddesley Ensor; Baxterley; Dosthill; Grendon; Kingsbury; Merevale; Newton Regis; Polesworth; Seckington; Shuttington; Warton; Wilncote.
 Click here to buy Online
marriages series2 disc2

 CD 2 : 2 - Bentley; Coleshill; Curdworth; Great Packington; Lea Marston; Little Packington; Maxstoke; Middleton;   Nether Whitacre; Over Whitacre; Shustoke; Wishaw

 Click here to buy Online

marriages series2 disc3

 CD 2 : 3 - Ansley; Arley; Astley; Atherstone; Caldecote; Corley; Fillongley; Hartshill; Mancetter; Weddington

 Click here to buy Online

marriages series2 disc4

 CD 2 : 4 - Attleborough; Bedworth; Chilvers Coton; Nuneaton; Stockingford

 Click here to buy Online

marriages series2 disc5

 CD 2 : 5 - Ansty; Bulkington; Burton Hastings; Churchover; Monks Kirby; Shilton; Willey; Withybrook; Wolvey

 Click here to buy Online


Further, a compilation Marriage CD which contains all entries 1837-1881 will be available on request for those members who have family throughout the area. The CDs are priced as follows: CD1 £12 (£10 for members); CD2 £10 (£8 for members); CD3 £12 (£10 for members); CD4 £24 (£20 for members); CD5 £12 (£10 for members). Anyone wishing to buy all 5 CDs (or the compilation CD) may do so for £72 (£60 for members) and will receive a bonus of free membership / E-membership of NNWFHS for one year.


September 2014

catholic records cd cover CD30 Selected Roman Catholic Records.  This CD contains a selection of marriage and burial registers for Catholic churches in Warwickshire: St Benedict's, Atherstone marriages 1841-1965 [with Anglicised names from the GRO Index]; St. Benedict's burials 1841-1924 & 1958-1965 [including those buried outwith the church]; Our Lady of the Angels, Nuneaton index of burials 1880-2000; Our Lady of the Angels, Nuneaton, Memorial Inscriptions; Our Lady of the Angels, Nuneaton burials from the Commonwealth War Graves Commisson website; St. Osburg, Coventry, burial register 1795-1840; 1767 List of Papists for parishes in and adjacent to the NNWFHS area.
Cost is £12 (£10 for members). Click here to order online.


street directories cd cover

CD31 Selected Street Directories. This is a compilation of four directories, although one is styled as a street index.  It combines and replaces two ot our old printed publications - the 1901 Street Index of Nuneaton and the 1912 Directory of Bedworth.  Two earlier directories are also included along with modern street maps of both Nuneaton & Bedworth. William West's directories of Atherstone & Nuneaton date from 1930, the Nuneaton Street Index is from 1901 and Spennells Directory of Bedworth from 1912.

Cost is £6 (£5 for members).  Click here to order online.



May 2012

CD7 HMD in Wolvey
Hatched Matched and Despatched in Wolvey
This new CD contains transcribed baptism, burial and marriage records (in pdf format) taken from the parish registers for the church of St John the Baptist, Wolvey from 1752-1911. Hatched, Matched and Despatched in Wolvey will be a boon to all with Wolvey connections in their trees.
The CD is available to purchase via our Online Bookshop £10 (£7.50 for members).


November 2011

The Old Rebel - A Life in Nuneaton 1885-1960 By George Leonard Clarke
George Leonard Clarke wrote down the story of his life, in beautiful copperplate writing with a fountain pen, between July 1956 and January 1957. Now, over half a century later, his grandson, David Sidwell has used the original handwritten notes to produce this remarkable book. To read David's article about his grandfather and how David went about getting this book published click here (downloadable pdf file).
George led an eventful life. Aged 13 he worked for the legendary Nuneaton Photographer, Clare Speight. Then he travelled to South Africa to work, only to find that his sponsor had been murdered. Returning to Nuneaton, he worked at Stanley's brickyard and then as a miner at Nuneaton Colliery where he was buried in a roof fall and trapped for 48 hours. Amongst his other occupations, he ran a pub, a club, and a shop, and worked as an usher at a cinema and a debt collector for a brewery.
His life was full of humour and the book is full of hilarious stories of old Nuneaton characters, but he was never far from tragedy, losing two young children to illness and accident and living through the depression and two world wars.
The book, which contains more than 300 hundred pages and one hundred photographs, costs £12.99 plus P&P and is available via our Online Bookshop

Chilvers Coton Marriages 1754 to 1901
This new CD of marriage transcriptions for the Church of England parish of Chilvers Coton, includes all marriages conducted at the church from Lady Day 1754 through to census day 1901.
In 1754 the Church of England introduced separate registers for the recording of marriages.  These required names of groom, bride, their parishes of abode plus their signatures, or marks, and those of two witnesses.  In 1837, after the introduction of civil registration, the format of marriage records changed to show age, occupation, address and father of groom and of bride. All this information, along with date of the marriage, and whether it was by banns or by licence, is transcribed and provided as an easily searched spreadsheet presented in a format viewed with freely available Adobe Reader.
The data run from 25 March 1754 to census night in spring 1901 thus enabling anyone to find marriages in the parish for people they find on the census, or to use a marriage from this CD to track a couple on the various censuses. 
To help those with surnames that suffer a multitude of spellings, the data is presented in two tables.  One is in order of surname of the grooms, the other in order of surname of the brides.  As ever with family history research, the advice is to also look for the less obvious spelling variations (did they drop or gain an H at beginning of their name, for example).
Costing £8 (£7 for members of NNWFHS) plus p&p, this CD is competitively priced – it is less than the current purchase price of one marriage certificate yet for your money you get over 2,800 transcribed marriages! It is available via our Online Bookshop. 

September 2011

The following three new CDs are now available via the Online Bookshop.

CD5 Bedworth census 1821
Census of Bedworth 1821
This rare pre 1841 census will be a boon to family historians researching the Bedworth area. A wonderful document which records the names, occupations and - in many cases - the parish of origin of the heads of households. It also details the approximate ages of the other members of the household. 
The CD contains transcriptions of the 1821 census in pdf format. £6 (£5 for members)
Hatched, Matched or Despatched in Bedworth
This new CD of transcribed records contains well over 19,000 entries taken from church and chapel registers for Bedworth from 1754-1837 (some cover wider range of dates). Hatched, Matched or Despatched in Bedworth will be a boon to all with Bedworth connections in their trees.  The material has taken many hundreds of hours to transcribe - and is available for the first time. £10 (£7.50 for members).
Buried in Atherstone CD
Buried in Atherstone
This long awaited CD contains transcriptions of Atherstone burial records (in pdf format) for Sheepy Road Cemetery 1879-1958, St Mary’s Parish Church 1870-1916, St Benedict’s RC Church 1841-1965. £10 (£7.50 for members).

April 2011

Nuneaton Hospitals - The First 100 Years  by Jennifer Burton & John Bland
This wonderful book, written by NNWFHS member Dr Jennifer Burton and published in 1994, was thought to be out-of-print and sold out but, by dint of good fortune, NNWFHS has acquired a small supply and these are now on sale while stocks last at NNWFHS meetings and events or via our Online Bookshop.  Price to members: £ 5.45 and to non-members £5.95 plus postage.  However, if you attend an event or speaker meeting, additional discounts will be available whilst stocks last.
In this history of the care of the sick and injured in Nuneaton, the authors look specifically at the town’s hospitals and their development from the late 1800s through to the 1990s; from private funding through to and including the National Health Service.  Along the way, we learn that in WWII the hospital, with the increased load in caring for the injured, was heavily in debt.  Mayor Joseph BATES was to spearhead fund raising that led to the presentation of some £21,000 to clear the debt and make provision for the future…then along came the NHS.
We have references to the buildings within the town that have been used as hospitals under various names, to Bramcote of course, and also to the hospital in Grendon. The book includes hospitals in the immediate area that were linked.  I was quite surprised to find not only a mention of St Gerard’s at Coleshill, but also a photo taken in the physio unit, which was much as I remembered it (it even looks like Sister Kevin on duty!!).  Having been in Bramcote, George Eliot and St Gerard’s at various times I have to say some of the photographs from earlier times had changed little by the time I was a patient!  
Co-author Jennifer Burton, herself an anaesthetist, was a former member of NNWFHS and her interest in naming faces on the many photographs may stem from her genealogical inclinations.  Perhaps you can name more of the faces included in the 114 pages of this A4 format book.
The story of the development of care, the buildings and of those leading lights involved is told in a most readable manner.  Photographs include staff, benefactors, patients and many more.  Nuneaton Hospitals has something for everyone with family ties in the Nuneaton area in the twentieth century and particularly those who needed the services of the hospitals; the book is also important for those with an interest in the development of hospitals during the century.  - JS

 January 2011

Curdworth, St Nicholas & St Peter ad Vincula. Marriages 1754 - 1912
This booklet contains the marriages at Curdworth parish church for over 150 years - when the growing hamlet of Minworth was part of the parish.  This booklet, which unravels the confused register-keeping of Wm Wakefield, his scrawl and that too of Lancelot Mitchell, will be invaluable to all with interests in the parish. If your family lived in Curdworth parish they could well appear either as marriage partners or as witnesses to marriages.
ISBN 978-1-903787-34-2      Price: £4.50 (members' discount applies)

August 2010

A new updated version (May 2015) of NNWFHS booklet Discovering your Roots in Nuneaton & North Warwickshire - A Guide For New Researchers is now available. Members can download a free pdf version of the booklet via the Members' Pages of this website (members please note you will need to log on with a password to view these pages). The new version is also available for purchase via our Online Bookshop.

April 2010

Parker's Fine Pumping Engine - The Baddesley Pit Explosion 1882 (Second Edition)
by Celia E Parton
New version with additional pictures and an index of names.  Available from: NNWFHS Online Bookshop.  Throckmorton's bookshop, Market Place, Atherstone; and from Baddesley Ensor Post Office. Available soon at Waterstones in Nuneaton and Atherstone Library, (subject to agreement).


February 2010

Clearing the Brook –  A Stockingford Boyhood in the 1940s
by R C Flavel
ISBN  978-0-905985-57-2  The LICHFIELD PRESS   £5.99
Newly published, is an evocative book Clearing the Brook, recounting the life and times of a small boy in Stockingford, near Nuneaton, during the turbulent 1940s.

Roy Flavel was born in Stockingford and educated at Stockingford County Boys’ School and King Edward VI Grammar School, before taking employment in the coal industry and qualifying as a Mining Surveyor, working at many of the Warwickshire Collieries and also at the Headquarters , Lindley Lodge.

This book is reported to be a clear and straightforward account of the years of the Second World War and its aftermath, as experienced by the children of that time.  It was originally conceived for the author’s own children and grandchildren but after being asked to talk to schoolchildren of today about his very different upbringing and adventures, it became apparent that there was a wider interest.

Stockingford is situated but a few miles North of Coventry, which is well reported as one of the most heavily bombed targets of the Luftwaffe, and two miles West of Nuneaton - itself important enough as a road and rail crossroads, to attract the attention of the bombers. For boys who lived through the War, the privations and shortages spelled normality and they took the wartime restrictions in their stride, finding adventurous enjoyment in the simplest of activities, like proving themselves by jumping clear over the brook.

For further details and interview with the author, contact The LICHFIELD PRESS (lichfieldpress@37.com) or the author:  R. C. Flavel, 7 Thames Close, Bulkington, Bedworth, Warwickshire, CV12 9QF email  royflavone@btopenworld.com

January 2010

CD -  Middleton Hall Estate, Sale Catalogue 1924.
A wonderful resource comprising over 80 pages (in PDF format) detailing every cottage, farm and field, who tenanted what and full details of each property. Also includes scanned images of two large-scale, coloured plans of the entire estate.
ISBN 978 1 903787 37 3
Price £5 plus P&P discount available to members.


December 2009

Edward Hall Speight and his Family - Rugby’s Photographers. 
by John Frearson
ISBN:   978-0-9563350-0-5 
Price per copy: £45.00 or - direct from the publisher - at £40, including UK postage.                                    
The Speights of Rugby - Photographers
by John Frearson
ISBN:   978-0-9563350-1-2
Price per copy: £6.99 – or direct from the publisher at £5.50, including UK postage.                       

As many may know, Edward Hall Speight's son, Clare Speight, was a well established photographer in Nuneaton from about 1893 until about 1926.  He then returned to Rugby to run that studio.  He was a prolific producer of postcards - with a series of 40 featuring George Eliot and Nuneaton. There is a chapter on his work in the booklet.  John  Frearson, the author, is still researching the Speight family and would love to hear from anyone who has examples of his photographic work. For more details on these two new publications or to order copies please visit our  Online Bookshop.  To order direct from the author click here.




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