Bentley St John

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Baptisms 1837-1861

Bentley, St John1837ALLENJane
Bentley, St John1837CLEMSONRebecca
Bentley, St John1838PARREmma
Bentley, St John1838ALCOTTAnne
Bentley, St John1838SHAWJohn
Bentley, St John1838KENNELAnn
Bentley, St John1838TOONCaroline
Bentley, St John1838TOONThomas
Bentley, St John1838MILLSMaria
Bentley, St John1838TAYLORAnn
Bentley, St John1838HILLElizabeth
Bentley, St John1838HALLElizabeth
Bentley, St John1839FLETCHERWilliam Cox
Bentley, St John1839BALLEmma
Bentley, St John1839SHILTONEdward
Bentley, St John1839HARVEYJohn
Bentley, St John1839SHAWDavid
Bentley, St John1839FORDAnne
Bentley, St John1839RILEYCharles
Bentley, St John1840TAYLORSamuel
Bentley, St John1840HOODFrances [dau]
Bentley, St John1840COLEYAnn
Bentley, St John1840ALLENThomas
Bentley, St John1840STRETTONJohn Taylor
Bentley, St John1841DEEMINGJane
Bentley, St John1841COOKCharles
Bentley, St John1841FLETCHERFrederick
Bentley, St John1841SHILTONMaria
Bentley, St John1841YARDLEYThomas
Bentley, St John1841TOONAmelia
Bentley, St John1841ROBOTTOMGeorge
Bentley, St John1841TAYLOREdward
Bentley, St John1841SHAWWilliam
Bentley, St John1841GRETTONJane
Bentley, St John1841DIXONHarriet
Bentley, St John1841SHAWElizabeth
Bentley, St John1842WILKINSONAnn
Bentley, St John1842WOODThomas
Bentley, St John1842COLEYMaria
Bentley, St John1842TOONHenry
Bentley, St John1842KENNELLevi
Bentley, St John1842HARVEYJoseph
Bentley, St John1842COLEYEzekiel
Bentley, St John1842ALLENJoseph
Bentley, St John1843THOMPSONEdward
Bentley, St John1843DEMINGSarah
Bentley, St John1843SHILTONDavid
Bentley, St John1843THURMANAnna Maria
Bentley, St John1843SHAWJames
Bentley, St John1844COOKThomas
Bentley, St John1844ALLENJohn
Bentley, St John1844BARRSLucy
Bentley, St John1844GRETTONAnne
Bentley, St John1844COLEYGeorge
Bentley, St John1844TAYLORJane
Bentley, St John1845THOMPSONJoseph
Bentley, St John1845ALLENEliza
Bentley, St John1845WOODDavid
Bentley, St John1845THURNAN [sic]Richard Neale
Bentley, St John1845SHAWAnn
Bentley, St John1845TOONMary Ann
Bentley, St John1845ROBOTTOMMary Elizabeth
Bentley, St John1846HERVEYElizabeth
Bentley, St John1846ALLENFrances
Bentley, St John1846SHILTONMatthew
Bentley, St John1846CLAMPWilliam
Bentley, St John1846BARRSMaria
Bentley, St John1846HARRISSarah
Bentley, St John1846LOUDJohn William
Bentley, St John1846COLEYSarah
Bentley, St John1846PEARSONJohn
Bentley, St John1846GRETTONEmma
Bentley, St John1846COOKEJohn
Bentley, St John1846WILKINSArthur
Bentley, St John1846HOODRebecca
Bentley, St John1847TAYLORHenry
Bentley, St John1847NEWBOLDElizabeth Ann
Bentley, St John1848WILKINSEdwin
Bentley, St John1848WOODJane Elizabeth
Bentley, St John1848COLEYAbraham
Bentley, St John1848BARRSAlfred
Bentley, St John1848BARRSTom
Bentley, St John1848CLAMPElizabeth
Bentley, St John1848PEARSONWilliam
Bentley, St John1848TAYLORLydia
Bentley, St John1848HARVEYSarah
Bentley, St John1848CLARKEEdmund
Bentley, St John1848LOUDMark
Bentley, St John1849COLEYWilliam
Bentley, St John1849TOONElizabeth
Bentley, St John1849DEWELLLucy
Bentley, St John1849NEWBOLDJoseph George
Bentley, St John1849TAYLORAnne
Bentley, St John1849DAFFANElizabeth
Bentley, St John1849MEARSSarah Ann
Bentley, St John1849SHILTONRobert
Bentley, St John1849PEARSONGeorge
Bentley, St John1850AWCOTTWilliam Power
Bentley, St John1850FOSTERJames Bradford
Bentley, St John1850CLAMPJohn
Bentley, St John1850BARRSSarah Fanny
Bentley, St John1850LOUDGeorge Edward
Bentley, St John1850TAYLORErnest Walter
Bentley, St John1850TAYLORGeorge
Bentley, St John1850COLEYCharles
Bentley, St John1850ROLLASONElizabeth
Bentley, St John1850FOSTERMary
Bentley, St John1851THORNEmma
Bentley, St John1851TOONCharlotte
Bentley, St John1851COLEYEmily
Bentley, St John1851MILLINGTONElizabeth
Bentley, St John1851MEARSJoseph
Bentley, St John1851WHEATLEYWilliam
Bentley, St John1851ORMELouisa
Bentley, St John1852YARDLEYSarah
Bentley, St John1852CLARKERobert
Bentley, St John1852DEWELLJessey
Bentley, St John1852DEEMINGAmelia
Bentley, St John1852ORMEAnna
Bentley, St John1852TAYLOREdward
Bentley, St John1852TAYLOREmma
Bentley, St John1852CLAMPAnne
Bentley, St John1852BARRSChristiana
Bentley, St John1852PEARSONCharles
Bentley, St John1852ROLLESTONBenjamin
Bentley, St John1853FOSTEREmma
Bentley, St John1853ROSSJoseph
Bentley, St John1853BLOREMaria
Bentley, St John1853YARDLEYJane
Bentley, St John1853WHATELYElizabeth
Bentley, St John1854CLARKEFanny
Bentley, St John1854MEARSThomas
Bentley, St John1854PEARSONThomas
Bentley, St John1854AUCOTTWalter
Bentley, St John1855COOKEArthur
Bentley, St John1855JEEAmbrose James
Bentley, St John1855MEERSJohn
Bentley, St John1855BARRSGeorge
Bentley, St John1855FORSTERThomas
Bentley, St John1855ROLLESTONSarah
Bentley, St John1855WHEATLEYMary
Bentley, St John1856BLOREArthur
Bentley, St John1856PARKERMary Ann
Bentley, St John1856TAYLORAnnie
Bentley, St John1856PEARSONHenry
Bentley, St John1857AUCOTTClara
Bentley, St John1857GLOVERWilliam
Bentley, St John1857MEARSCaroline
Bentley, St John1857HAINESEmma
Bentley, St John1857BRIGGSWilliam Joseph
Bentley, St John1857ROLLESTONAnnie
Bentley, St John1857SPENCEREmma
Bentley, St John1858WHATELEYJohn
Bentley, St John1858GLOVERSarah
Bentley, St John1858MILLSHarriet Elizabeth
Bentley, St John1858TAYLORArthur Thomas
Bentley, St John1858TAYLORSarah Ann
Bentley, St John1859HARRISGeorge
Bentley, St John1859PEARSONHannah Harriet
Bentley, St John1859FOSTERWilliam
Bentley, St John1859BRIGGSRichard Stevenson
Bentley, St John1859STEVENSONTom
Bentley, St John1859JEECharlotte
Bentley, St John1859ELLISONAgnes
Bentley, St John1859HAINESHenry Walter
Bentley, St John1860SHILTONWilliam
Bentley, St John1860WHATELEYAnn
Bentley, St John1860BURBIDGEWilliam
Bentley, St John1860TAYLORSamuel
Bentley, St John1860BILSONThomas
Bentley, St John1860STEVENSONKatharine
Bentley, St John1860BLORE or BLOWERDavid
Bentley, St John1860GLOVERHenry
Bentley, St John1860MILLSMark
Bentley, St John1860SMITHJohn Kinchin
Bentley, St John1861BRIGGSMichael
Bentley, St John1861PEARSONAnne
Bentley, St John1861PEARSONJoseph
Bentley, St John1861AUCOTTSymon
Bentley, St John1861HARPERHenry Richard
Bentley, St John1861ROLLASONWilliam
Bentley, St John1861TAYLORHenry
Bentley, St John1861TAYLORCharlotte

Burials 1838 onward

Bentley, St. John1840ALCOTTAnn
Bentley, St. John1840ALCOTTSarah
Bentley, St. John1851AUCOTTEdward
Bentley, St. John1861AUCOTTEmily
Bentley, St. John1862BALLElizabeth
Bentley, St. John1855BALLThomas
Bentley, St. John1855BARRSAlfred
Bentley, St. John1855BARRSCatherine
Bentley, St. John1855BARRSGeorge
Bentley, St. John1861BARRSLucy
Bentley, St. John1865BATESThomas
Bentley, St. John1863BILSONRobert
Bentley, St. John1847BLOREDavid
Bentley, St. John1860BLOWERDavid
Bentley, St. John1843BONTORSamuel
Bentley, St. John1846BOONHAMWilliam
Bentley, St. John1841BOULEREdward
Bentley, St. John1864CHAPMANThomas Taverner
Bentley, St. John1856CLAMPAnn
Bentley, St. John1855CLAMPJohn
Bentley, St. John1852CLEMSONCatharine
Bentley, St. John1840CLEMSONEdward
Bentley, St. John1838CLEMSONSarah
Bentley, St. John1841COLEYAnn
Bentley, St. John1839COLEYDavid
Bentley, St. John1847COLEYElizabeth
Bentley, St. John1843COLEYEzekiel
Bentley, St. John1846COLEYJohn
Bentley, St. John1842COLEYMaria
Bentley, St. John1839DEEMINGFanny
Bentley, St. John1862DEEMINGHenry
Bentley, St. John1840DEEMINGRichard
Bentley, St. John1858DENTThomas
Bentley, St. John1840FORSTERMary
Bentley, St. John1862FOSTERJohn
Bentley, St. John1864FOSTERJohn
Bentley, St. John1865GRETTONAnn
Bentley, St. John1860HARRISAnn
Bentley, St. John1840HARRISGeorge
Bentley, St. John1844HARRISJohn
Bentley, St. John1844HARTILLJoseph
Bentley, St. John1853HARTILLJoseph
Bentley, St. John1865HARVEYAnn
Bentley, St. John1851HEATHCOTEJohn
Bentley, St. John1844HOODFrances
Bentley, St. John1853HOODJohn
Bentley, St. John1853JACKSONHenry
Bentley, St. John1845JEFCOTEJohn
Bentley, St. John1852JEFFCOTTMary
Bentley, St. John1841JEFFCOTTWilliam
Bentley, St. John1840KEENMary
Bentley, St. John1864KEENEWilliam
Bentley, St. John1861LEEDHAMSarah Ann
Bentley, St. John1864LEESSarah
Bentley, St. John1849LEWISGeorge
Bentley, St. John1861LEWISHannah
Bentley, St. John1849LOFFILLAnn
Bentley, St. John1856MASSERAnn
Bentley, St. John1850MASSERWilliam
Bentley, St. John1856MEARSJohn
Bentley, St. John1854MEARSThomas
Bentley, St. John1855MILLINGTONRowland
Bentley, St. John1843MILLINGTONSarah
Bentley, St. John1853MOUNTFORDElizabeth
Bentley, St. John1840MOUNTFORDJohn
Bentley, St. John1840MOUNTFORDSarah
Bentley, St. John1865MURRAYCharles
Bentley, St. John1850MURRAYJemima
Bentley, St. John1851MURRAYSarah
Bentley, St. John1847NEWBOLDEdwin
Bentley, St. John1856NICKLINGJames
Bentley, St. John1848ORMEAnn
Bentley, St. John1854PAYNEThomas
Bentley, St. John1839PEARSONAnn
Bentley, St. John1860PEARSONHenry
Bentley, St. John1865PEARSONJoseph
Bentley, St. John1839PEARSONWilliam
Bentley, St. John1856ROLLASONSarah
Bentley, St. John1848ROWBOTHAMSamuel
Bentley, St. John1838SHAWJohn
Bentley, St. John1846SHILTONAnne
Bentley, St. John1854SHILTONGeorge
Bentley, St. John1855SHILTONJohn
Bentley, St. John1851SHILTONMary
Bentley, St. John1853SHILTONMatthew
Bentley, St. John1854SHILTONSamuel
Bentley, St. John1840SHILTONThomas
Bentley, St. John1864SPENCERClara
Bentley, St. John1846SPENCERJohn
Bentley, St. John1846SPENCERSamuel
Bentley, St. John1847TAYLORAbraham
Bentley, St. John1839TAYLORAnn
Bentley, St. John1849TAYLORAnne
Bentley, St. John1860TAYLORAnne
Bentley, St. John1855TAYLORCatharine
Bentley, St. John1847TAYLORCharlotte
Bentley, St. John1852TAYLORElizabeth
Bentley, St. John1855TAYLOREmily
Bentley, St. John1852TAYLOREmma
Bentley, St. John1851TAYLORGeorge
Bentley, St. John1849TAYLORJohn
Bentley, St. John1860TAYLORMary
Bentley, St. John1840TAYLORSamuel
Bentley, St. John1843TAYLORWilliam
Bentley, St. John1846THOMASJoseph
Bentley, St. John1855THOMASMary
Bentley, St. John1848THURMANAnn
Bentley, St. John1845THURMANAnna Maria
Bentley, St. John1850THURMANMary
Bentley, St. John1845THURMANMary Ann Stanley
Bentley, St. John1850TOONAmelia
Bentley, St. John1844TOONWilliam
Bentley, St. John1862WHEATLEYAnn
Bentley, St. John1864WHEATLEYAnn
Bentley, St. John1859WHEATLEYJohn
Bentley, St. John1839WHEATLEYSamuel
Bentley, St. John1848WOODAnn
Bentley, St. John1842WOODThomas
Bentley, St. John1854YARDLEYElizabeth
Bentley, St. John1861YARDLEYJames
Bentley, St. John1839YARDLEYJohn
Bentley, St. John1849YARDLEYJohn
Bentley, St. John1852YARDLEYSarah
Bentley, St. John1842YARDLEYThomas
Bentley, St. John1850YARDLEYWilliam
Bentley, St. John1855YARDLEYWilliam