The parish is 2 miles east of Atherstone. There is no village associated with Merevale


St Mary the Church of Our Lady Merevale

St Mary The Church of Our Lady, Merevale


Robert, Earl Ferrers, founded Merevale Abbey in 1148; he gave to it “all my forest of Arden”. The Cistercian’s required the provision of a Chapel outside the gate of their Abbeys for visitors so that they could remain remote. The Abbey of Merevale was dissolved by Henry VIII but some ruins remain in the grounds of Abbey Farm. Merevale Hall was built in 1840 and replaced a former manor house. It had been owned by the Dugdale family since then. The Dugdale family also owned several large coal mines in the area.

Merevale Hall, Atherstone


Our Warwickshire – Merevale

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