Stockingford is a parish within the town of Nuneaton


St Paul

St Paul’s Church


Stockingford is first referred to in 1157 as Stoccingford. Stocc is an Old English word meaning to root up trees, which suggests that the village started life as a forest clearing. The manor of Stockingford may be identified with the messuages, mill and land there granted in 1280 by Hugh de Lilleburne to his son, Hugh. The church was built in 1824 when Stockingford was created a separate parish out of Nuneaton. George Eliot, in her book “Scenes of Clerical Life”, referred to Stockingford as Paddiford Common. The main industries were coal mining and brickyards. Within the parish is Arbury Hall, the home of the Newdigate family.

Stockingford Church School c.1904

Victoria County History from British History Online see Nuneaton

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